When submitting a generic submission, select the public entity to which it is addressed by typing the name of that entity.

Write to which you want to send us the generic submission

In addition, you can also select the unit or body of this entity to which it is addressed, if the user manager, of the destination public entity, has previously created the corresponding User Group / Unit .

Select the administrative unit or body to which you are sending the generic submission

It only gives you the possibility to specify the shipment by selecting a unit or body, if any exist in that entity. If the user manager of the destination entity has NOT created any User Group / Unit , it does not give you this possibility and the Processing button appears directly.

To enable these units or bodies, all you have to do is go to the Configuration section in the Configuration section, in the User group / Unit section, and there select New group / unit .

Once you register a new User Group / Unit , do we just have to check the check .

In the case of a department of the Generalitat de Catalunya , when do you create a User Group / Unit , in addition to marking the check Recipient generic delivery? you need to add the Registration Data : the name of the registration office, the code that identifies the center and the code of the registration office.

It is very important that the target body has created user groups related to administrative units or bodies, for several reasons:

  • Any user of a source entity can send a generic submission to the created user group.
  • The users that make it up can automatically view the generic submissions on the target entity.
  • Users who have the registration role should not assign user-to-user view permissions.

More information on user groups can be found in the GU Guide - How to create user groups?