The Alert is used to indicate the total number of procedures that are in some of the trays that make up the subsections of My procedures and Pending confirmation SIR .

Thus it appears:

  • The total number of Received procedures that have entered since the user's last connection.
  • The total number of Draft and Pending signature processes, which are pending completion processes that are in these states, since the user's last connection.
  • The total number of Pending to confirm SIR , which come from administrations outside Catalonia and which have not yet been registered at the outset because they have not been accepted by the body to which they are destined, since the last connection.
  • The total number of procedures In process, which, temporarily, have not completed their processing due to technical issues, but are in the process of processing, and therefore, of completion, since the last connection. This section of the alerter appears whenever there are processes in this state otherwise.

How to view the Alerter is a tool that allows EACAT users who process daily to have an immediate view of pending tasks . With a glance users make a quick composition of the tasks to be done; for this reason apart from being located in the Procedures section, it has also been placed in the Home section.

By clicking on the different sections of the Alerter , we are redirected to each of the corresponding trays of My procedures or Pending confirmation SIR .