With the adaptation of the operation of the platform to the latest versions of the Internet Explorer browser, it is possible that some of the functionalities, both of EACAT and of the applications included in it, may be affected in case you have added the eacat.cat site in view of compatibility with previous versions of the browser. Examples of features that are affected in this regard are those in the "Settings" section of the application.

To fix this you need to access the browser tools icon - Compatibility view settings :

  • With Internet Explorer 11 it is shown as follows


  • With Internet Explorer 10 , access as follows:


Once inside the option, if you find that the eacat.cat site is added to the compatibility view you have to select it and click the Delete button. Then close the window and you should have fixed the problem.


Note : In case you are checking and you do not find that you have added eacat.cat to the indicated configuration, you will have to click F12 from the EACAT page where you find that some functionality is affected, click on the Emulation tab and select drop-down Document mode the most current version possible, marked as default.