1. Previously, you must have started a file with an initial procedure from the Procedure Catalog , ie you must have sent an initial procedure from a specific service in the Procedure Catalog.

    Pressing Tramita opens a form that must be filled in, signed and sent.

  1. Once the previous procedure has been sent, you will find the file started in Procedures / My procedures / Procedures.

  1. Click Open Filter to search for the file that contains the procedure you want to respond to.

  1. Search , for example, for service. As it is a predictive search, putting the main words of the service in it shows you the list of services that contain them. Then you need to select the service that interests you and, if necessary, add other search fields. Finally press Filter .

  1. The search result appears, which is a list of files that correspond to that service. You need to click on the file that interests you.

  1. The processing flow of the file is opened, which is the set of procedures related to a given file. And click Respond to the procedure to see the response procedures you have available.

  1. Within the processing flow , select the response procedure you want to send.

  1. Select the Documentation Requirement procedure and a form will open that you must complete, sign and submit .

  1. Below you will find the Electronic Registration Receipt , where you will find the registration details of the procedure sent.

  1. Once the procedure has been sent, you can find the file corresponding to My procedures .

  1. If you click on the file, the processing flow will open. You will see that there are now 2 procedures :
    • The Subsidy Application , which is the procedure with which the Bages County Council has initiated the file and which it has sent to the AOC Consortium, which is the provider of this service.
    • The Documentation Requirement , which is the procedure with which the AOC Consortium has responded to the Bages County Council, requiring documentation to complement the Subsidy Application procedure.
    • We could continue to respond to the different procedures because this service, as defined, allows it and the processing flow would have more and more procedures.