The Valid Signer is a solution that allows signing with a digital certificate, by generating a JNLP file that the user must run on their computer.

Unlike the signature applet, the JNLP file runs outside the browser context, so it should work independently of the browser with which the file was downloaded.

Steps to follow:

1. When you press “Sign” you will be redirected to the Valid Signatory of the AOC

2. Open the .jnlp file.

3. Allow java to run the .jnlp file you downloaded in the previous step.
4. Choose the certificate you want to sign from the list of available certificates.

5. Enter the password
6. Once the signing process is complete you will be redirected again

You will find more information (once the native one is installed, we will omit steps 1 and 2 above) on the Valid Signatory website .