The Registration Window is the virtual office for the presentation of documentation associated with processing services between administrations. This office addresses the documentation submitted to the electronic register of the recipient organization and returns the corresponding receipt.

One of the ways to process in EACAT is through the Registration Window, using PDF forms or not. For this we will do the following:

  1. Find out if our procedure can be sent through the Registration window . For this, you need to go to the section How to do it? , that is to say the specific instructions for each procedure in its description of the Catalogue.
  2. Download us, fill in, validate and sign the downloaded form through the green Process button that appears in the process information in the Catalog.
  3. Access the Registration Window by pressing Procedures and, specifically, the Registration Window subsection.
  4. Press Browse where it says Procedure to present to search for the form on our computer. We can also attach the documents attached to the form in Attached documentation by pressing Attach another document .

Specific information on attached documents (weight and type) can be found in the GT FAQ – What weight can the attachments in the registration window have?