Photographic contributions are accepted as long as they meet the required requirements. However, this fact does not guarantee its publication. The illustrations will be updated. If your photos are chosen, you will not receive an explicit communication.

The criteria that the images must meet are:

  • Theme : places in Catalonia.
  • Readability : The image must have a fairly uniform background or area on which a white text is read correctly.
  • Size : minimum 1200px wide.
  • Basic information : Mention where the image was captured and that the sender has the rights to the photograph or the explicit permission of the photographer.
  • Quality, diversity and originality : the quality of the image, the non-repetition of similar photographs and their originality will be valued.
  • Open Administration Recognitions : Priority will be given to images of local administrations that have received the Open Administration Recognitions in the previous edition.

You can send us the file included in a .zip or .rar file through the contact form on this portal.