1. Introduction: basic concepts

EACAT's specific electronic services are listed in the Procedures Catalog . These are services that have been defined by a provider to make them available to other target public entities with which it is related, thus allowing electronic inter-administrative processing to take place.

a) Different actors and activities of a service

    • Providers: these are Catalan public entities that define a service to EACAT to make it available to certain recipients . The largest service provider of EACAT is the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya , through its departments and its dependent bodies. .
      • The departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Culture; the Presidency; Justice; etc.)
      • The bodies dependent on the Generalitat (Catalan Water Agency; Waste Agency of Catalonia; Public Employment Service of Catalonia; Catalan Women's Institute; Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises; Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia ; etc.

      Also, other public entities may be lenders , such as local bodies ; their dependent entities ; Parliament, independent or statutory bodies; And others.

        • Local bodies , the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, county councils, provincial councils, etc.

      • Bodies dependent on local bodies, autonomous bodies, etc.
      • The Parliament, independent or statutory bodies (Catalan Data Protection Authority, Commission for the Guarantee of the Right of Access to Public Information; Legal Advisory Commission of the Generalitat; Audiovisual Council of Catalonia; Parliament of Catalonia; Catalan Ombudsman Audit Office, etc.).
      • Others (Dean's Office of the Registrars of Property, Mercantile and Movable Property of Catalonia; the College of Notaries; etc.)

    • Recipients: these are the public entities to which the electronic services and procedures defined by the providers are addressed. These recipients can be any Catalan public entity (local bodies, a department of the Generalitat, bodies dependent on the Generalitat, etc.).

  • Services: consisting of a set of procedures that are carried out in a sequential, orderly and systematic manner aimed at satisfying a need (a grant, a registration, a sanctioning procedure, etc.). There are two types of services:
      • Generic services: generic submission, System of Interconnection of Records (SIR) and mass delivery.

    • Specific services, for example:
      • ARP - Exceptional hunting authorizations
      • SOC - Singular Projects. Early call 2019 - Line 2

  • Procedures: these are each of the parts that make up a service. Therefore, there is no procedure without a service. Some examples of procedures are: the Grant Application, the Contribution of Documentation, the Response to the Documentation Request, the Grant Justification, and so on.

There are two types of procedures:

    • Initial procedures that open a new file or processing flow; usually, they start from the Catalog of procedures.

  • Response procedures, which allow you to continue with the processing of an initiated file; are processed from the processing stream of My Procedures.

b) Who can provide specific services to EACAT?

As mentioned, you can be a service provider:

    • The Generalitat de Catalunya , through the Office of Innovation and Digital Administration (OIAD) of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration together with the AOC Consortium, assess the viability of a service that could be part of the Catalog of Procedures 'EACAT.
    • The other Catalan public entities , which together with the AOC Consortium, assess the viability of a service that could form part of the EACAT Catalog of Procedures.
2. If you are a department or an entity dependent on the Generalitat, how can you upload a procedure to EACAT?

If you are a public sector department or body of the Generalitat de Catalunya, contact the Office of Innovation and Digital Administration (OIAD) of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration so that they can properly process your request.

3. You are a Catalan public entity, how can you upload a procedure to EACAT?
  1. You see the need to create a new electronic service or procedure with another Catalan public administration.
  2. Contact AOC Consortium Support and open a request (indicating a phone number and any information you deem appropriate).
  3. The AOC Consortium, through the head of the EACAT Service, will contact your organization and jointly study the feasibility of creating a service or procedure .

You can find more information on the EACAT Support Portal .