• First of all, you need to verify that you have permission to sign the service.

If this is not the case, please contact the EACAT User Manager of your body to assign them. More information : How do I assign permissions to a service to an EACAT user?

  • Another reason is that there is a lack of data to fill in the document. In this sense, it should be checked if any of the tabs of the procedure appear in red.

If so, fill in the required data until all the green tabs appear. At this point, the options for signing the procedure are available.

  • If the procedure has a tab to add sign-in users to the submission, you will need to be added to this tab before you can view the sign-in option.

To fix this, you need to edit this tab by adding your user as a signer. If you do not appear, the reason is that you do not have permission to sign the procedure (section 1).

If all this is correct and the option to sign the EACAT submission does not appear, please contact our Customer Service Center via the Contact Form.